2 months later . . .

Here we are in May already.  I’ve at least kept up with adding photos to flickr, so if you’ve been checking there you have a bit of an idea of how we’ve spent the last 2 months.  (If you haven’t checked, click the link on the L-hand side of the page).

Pregnancy is marching along.  We are at the one-month mark from the due date.  Hopefully sooner.  With Elliott, I loved being pregnant all the way until the last week.  While I don’t have any horrid complaints about this go-round, there’s a mixture of “tired of being tired” and “ready to meet this little girl” swirling around in my day-to-day.  We are closer to having a name picked out for her (thank you to all of the suggestions . . . we had a great time talking thru them).  She is growing right on track and giving mom the idea that she may be a very active little thing.  Peter and I have been reviewing details for the birth, which reminds us of just how fragile her little life is, and just how unpredictable labor and delivery can be.  Please pray that we have a safe, healthy, uneventful birth for this darling.

Elliott continues to be such a joy to us.  We are blessed to have such a happy household.  Below I’ll post some recent videos of him and a picture collage of the past 2 months.  We are entering a phase of an obsession with anything with wheels – trucks, cars, buses, bikes.  His vocabulary is just sky-rocketing which is really fun for his speech-therapist-momma to watch.

Peter is balancing his usual job while trying to get his own business up and running (still related to transportation, but working in a slightly different sector – email him if you want details).  He’s downstairs now kegging another batch of beer – he’s getting QUITE good at this whole home-brewing thing.

My two big projects before the baby comes:  getting a garden started (just planted/finished everything today!) and re-painting our kitchen cabinets (1/2 way done).  I’ll let you know if I have any success with my crops.  We’re trying tomatoes, spinach, bush beans, zucchini and carrots this year.  And a small batch of strawberries.

Without further ado, here’s some video and pics:

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Elliott has a beta fish at Gabby’s house, but we didn’t really want one here at our house. So instead, Gabby got Elliott this little fake fishy. He loves it.

This is our new playtime activity. He can entertain himself for up to 45 mins just sitting at the wheel.