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Elliott in Peter’s boots

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Accepting Nominations

Elliott’s name came to us pretty early on in the pregnancy . . . and we agreed on it pretty much right away.  

We are nearing the beginning of the third trimester (next week!) with baby girl . . . and we have nothing for a name.  I shouldn’t say that.  We have a short list of favorable names, but we still aren’t decided on anything.  

So I figured, what the heck, let’s see what people can suggest for us.  So it’s your turn to give your two cents.  But first, a few things about names we like:  

1.  We like classic, older names, as opposed to the more modern names you hear a lot these days.

2.  If you can add the suffix -fully to the name to make a word, it’s a no-go (i.e. Joy, Grace, etc.).  Foley sounds too much like -fully.  Can’t have the kid being teased right out of the womb.

3.  Also, names that end in -ly are out (like Molly, which we really did like).  Too sing-songy – Molly Foley.

4.  Preferably no names that can be shortened to a typical nickname.

5.  Nothing too common – if it’s in the top 20 girls names from the past few years, it’s out.

So there’s your task.  I’m not promising anything – we may go with something on our list rather than any of your suggestions.  But maybe, just maybe, one of you will come up with something we haven’t thought of and REALLY love!

Thanks everyone!