the second child . . .

I was hoping it really wouldn’t be true . . . that somehow we would defy the stereotype that the second child doesn’t get the same attention as the first. Unfortunately, it’s already coming true.

Case in point:

With Elliott, we posted AT LEAST one blog entry each month from the time we announced the pregnancy.

With Baby #2, we are at week 20, and this is only the 1st post we have dedicated solely to the baby.


Moving on, here’s a little history to bring you up-to-date on this baby.

12 week ultrasound where we got to see baby for the first time.

Here’s the ultrasound from today’s visit. Top photo is the profile; bottom photo is the face, head on. Baby is laying with head to the right if that helps you orient.

We’ve only taken 1 picture of my belly – tonight, at 20 weeks. To allow for comparison, I’ve posted my 20 week photo from Elliott’s pregnancy too (photo #1). Same shirt, same location. How do you think the babies compare?


We find out the gender of this baby on Saturday. Family is coming over for a little “reveal” party. I’ll update then.