Santa visits

Our Little Elf - Awaiting Santa's Arrival


look at those potbellies!!!


New Things of 2011

Here’s a list of some of the new things we experienced this year:

For Peter:
Homebrewing (which has become the FAVORTIE pasttime)
First trip with the Meadows family (picture 6 adults and a toddler crammed in a mini-van driving around the panhandle of Texas)
Entering the 3rd decade of life (30s are the new 20s, right?)
Flossed every day for a year (coming off the heels of 9 cavities)
Playing bass guitar at church (a bit different from his emo-hardcore-punk band days, but still fantastic)

For Sarah:
Ballet class (bucket list item: check!)
Working part-time (2-3 days a week is SO much better than full time!!!)
Presenting at a national conference (in Vegas, baby!)
Becoming an early-riser (Peter says this is the mommy superpower I was granted with E’s arrival.)
Pregnant with Baby #2 – due on June 22nd! (I’m hoping my next superpower will be becoming ambidextrous – would be soooo helpful . . .)

For Elliott:
(FYI – there are lots of these for him, but here are a few highlights)

Crawling (for a limited time only)
Walking (since 3 days after his 1st birthday)
Talking/Signing (we counted around 18 oft-used signs and 8 [consistent] words – lots of mimicking happening daily)
Climbing (stairs, couches, coffee tables and everything else)
Flights (a long one to Virginia/Maryland, and a short one to Amarillo)
Talking on the phone (and by phone, i mean anything he happens to pick up [i.e. a book, the computer battery pack, a pretzel])
Being baptized (1st baptism since the start of our church!)
Meeting his 2 girl cousins (Maisie in March and Skylar in November)
1st Birthday celebration!

I think Elliott’s got us beat on 1sts!

Snow Day and Christmas Decorating

We woke up to several inches of snow the weekend after Thanksgiving.  And more still falling.  So we decided to hunker down and get the Christmas decorations up.  We stayed in our p.j.s most of the day, changing clothes only to go outside and play in the snow (for a few minutes – Elliott didn’t really like it).  Here are some shots from the day:

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Thanksgiving with the Foleys

Most of Peter’s siblings were in town for Thanksgiving.  Rob from Seattle.  Paul and his family (Malissa and Skylar) from California).  Add those 4 to the 10 of us who are already in town, and it makes for quite a houseful.

On Thanksgiving day, my brother Gordon, my dad, Rob, Peter, Elliott and I ran/walked the Turkey Trot with 9000 other people in Denver.

Besides it being the holiday, the visit was significant because it was the first time Elliott (and I) got to meet Skylar!   Here are a couple videos of our time together.  Check out flickr for some pics of the weekend.


A few random photos/videos from the last month