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1st year photos

We had some photos taken recently to commemorate the 1st year of Elliott’s life.  Here’s a preview of several.  Look for more coming on our Christmas card!

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a review of the past few weeks

10.22.11:  Pumpkin patch trip with Papa, Granddaddy, Gabby, Uncle G, mom and dad.

10.30-31.11:   Halloween celebrations!  I was Pete’s Dragon.  For all of you who don’t know or remember the movie, the name of the dragon in the movie is Elliott, and since my dad’s name is Pete, we thought it was an appropriate costume.  Too bad my slowly-arriving molars were making me miserable during all the Halloween hub-bub.  As you can probably tell from the pics, it wasn’t my best of days!  As you can see, Baba and Papa took me and the Kester cousins to the air museum.  Henry was Anakin, Liam was Spiderman and Maisie was a skeleton.  Even Baba dressed up as a “fork in the road”!

11.4.11  My mom’s friend Mary came for a visit.  Unfortunately, no pics from that trip yet.  Stay tuned.

11.8.11  Mom and dad celebrated their 3rd anniversary.  I didn’t get to go along, but they said they had a really nice dinner out.  Mom even got some pretty flowers!

Here are some other random shots from the month!