1 year check-up

Tuesday’s events:

Well, I went back to see the doc.  The first part was lots of fun – I like seeing Dr. Debbie because she makes funny faces and sounds to keep me laughing.  She even let me play with her computer mouse while she was showing mommy my growth charts.

I got a good report.  Growing well.  Checking out great with developmental milestones.  Here are the stats:

30 inches tall (60th percentile)

20 lbs, 13 oz (20th percentile)

Head circumference – 80th percentile!!!  (No wonder mommy has a hard time getting shirts over my head . . .)

So they tell me all this good stuff, and then they end with the bad part – 5 shots!  And I have to go back for my flu booster in a month.  YUCK!

Wednesday’s event:

No more crawling.  I decided it’s time to start walking everywhere.  So I’m officially a walker.

Thursday’s event:

That 8th tooth FINALLY broke thru.  I was beginning to get really annoyed because it felt like it was coming, and then no cigar.  But it’s here now and coming in quick.


1st birthday party!

I had lots of family at my 1st birthday party – baba, gabby, granddaddy, uncle b, uncle g, auntie m, uncle mike, henry, liam and maisie.  What a crew!  Mom and dad ordered chick-fil-a and a cake for everyone.  I got my own cupcake, complete with candle.  Henry and Liam made superhero masks while I watched (I’m really trying to hang with the big kids these days).  We had a great time!  See some of the pictures from the day!

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Last year, at this time . . .

. . . I was crawling into bed after another long day of work, after a particularly difficult week of work.  The day was long and the week difficult, not because of the work itself, but because I was <still> carrying around a little person who had been growing and developing for the previous 39 weeks.

Little did I know when I climbed into bed . . .

That in 5 hours I would wake up thinking I had been pegged in the stomach with a tennis ball (my water broke).

That in 2 more hours we’d be at the hospital.

And that 2 hours after that, I’d be holding my baby boy in my arms for the first time.

Happy Birthday, Elliott Joseph Foley.  What a fabulous year.

peak season for the aspens

We heard the aspens were in peak this weekend, so on Saturday morning we made a quick decision to pack a picnic lunch and drive up to see them.  We drove up during E’s first naptime – he slept while Peter and I had good conversation and enjoyed the beautiful colors along Squaw Pass on our way up to Echo Lake.  Once there, Elliott practiced his walking around the lake, talked to everyone we met, screamed at the ducks and was discovered all sorts of new nature-y things (tree bark being the favorite).   We enjoyed our lunch, did some more exploring, then tossed E in the ergo so mom and dad do a little hiking of their own.  Another beautiful drive back to Idaho Springs and then home.

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Check me out!

Up until the past few days, Elliott has required that he hold on to at least one adult finger when he made his attempts at walking.  When I would try to just let him go on his own, he would grab and squeeze my finger so tight that I couldn’t get it away.

But the lightbulb went on this week.  One successful attempt at a few steps, and now he WON’T take my finger.  He’s intent on practicing his walking without help.  Problem is, he gets so excited, he’s not always getting his balance real well before he tries to take off.  I suppose that is quite normal.  Nevertheless, he’s had a good many very successful walking attempts.  Here’s one we caught on tape when he was over at my parents’ house showing off: