month 11

I have been negligent in writing blog posts.  I did however, just upload a bunch of pictures to flickr.  So feel free to take a look and see what Elliott has been up to.

New things:

1.  Loves gardening (aka  picking up handfuls of dirt and throwing them out of the flower bed)

2.  Holding strong at 7 teeth (a bit lop-sided)

3.  Got his first battle wound from daycare – Nixon left a mean bite mark on his arm

4.  Mimicking lots of words (I swear he said ‘breakfast’ this a.m.)

5.  Entering a ‘daddy’ phase – Dad seems to be the preferred parent at the moment

Notable upcoming events:



Play-date with Drew

This week we met up with my friend Erica and her little guy, Drew.  They are about 2.5 months apart, Drew being the elder.  I’ve been noticing that Elliott is moving out of the parallel play stage, so it was really fun to have the kids together and actually seeing them play TOGETHER this time.

from the 10th month . . .

Elliott will be 11 months old this week.  He took his first few steps today (where he actually balanced himself and walked about 4 paces), but it never was repeated.  He’s still pretty dependent on hand-holding.  His 7th tooth broke thru today as well.  He had been stalled at 6 for awhile, but we knew one was coming since we had to stock up on ibuprofen recently.  He’s talking a good bit – mama, dada, gab (for my mom), uh-oh are the consistent words.  Lots of other mimicking and independent signing, so it’s becoming easier and easier to understand what he wants/needs at any given time.

Elliott and Daddy had their first extended period without Momma this past week.  I was in Vegas from Sunday to Wednesday presenting at a conference.  Peter did great with Elliott, and I even came home to a beautifully cleaned house!  While I was gone, I received this text message with the following quote:  “When mom is gone, Elliott gets all the bath toys.”  Safe to say, they had a good time while I was away.

Here are a few more pics from the month:

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