Other recent events

Event #1:  Elliott went with me to my hair appt the other day.  I assumed it would be a disaster, as he NEVER wants to sit in your lap anymore.  I was (happily) proved wrong!  My hairdresser put a cape on him too and he was just mesmerized by what was going on.  Pic from the shop and another of later that night after bathtime with the final ‘do.  A couple people have asked:  No, E did not get his haircut also.


Event #2:  Henry turned 5!  Congratulations birthday boy!

Event #3:  Lakeside.  We went to Lakeside (old, ghetto amusement park within walking distance of our house) the other night with my dad and brother.  Peter loves this park – wants to go every summer.  We hardly ever ride anything besides the train, but it’s fun to walk around, people watch, have some cotton candy.  Here are some pics from our train ride:



At the beginning of August, we headed to the mountains with Peter’s family. Got a smokin’ deal on a house just a few block from downtown for 3 nights.  Here are a few highlights from the weekend:

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catching up again

Where does the time go?  Here are a few things we’ve been up to lately:

Peter’s newest hobby:  homebrewing.  Not only is he into it, but a bunch of his buddies as well.  So between all of them, they are making beer, well, ALOT.  Right now we have 10 gallons of beer and 5 gallons of cider in our basement, all at varying stages of the process.   One is bottled and soon-to-be-drunk (or it is drank – I never do get that verb tense right).  Another (an all-grain batch) is still in it’s big barrel – fermenting, I guess.  The cider takes longer than everything else.  I think it will be sitting in the carboy until Elliott’s birthday.

Peter’s having a blast with it.  And since he’s famous for saying, “summer is about BEER and ICE CREAM,” you can imagine this has been a pretty good summer.

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Elliott is 10 months old now.  He’s still a very happy boy, but certainly starting to exert a will of his own.  When he’s mad, he lets us know.  In a blood-curdling scream sort of way.  It’s lovely.  He’s signing a good bit, which helps to limit the misunderstandings.  Only word he says consistently is ‘mama,’ but Lord, that kid jabbers about things constantly.  I wish I knew his language, because the conversations he has (inflection, body language and all) are so interesting to watch.  Just today I watched him talking to one of his stuffed animals while shaking his pointer finger at the poor monkey.  Looked like he was scolding him.

He’s cruising about quite well these days.  Crawling is still faster, so he prefers that, but he is much more interested in holding our fingers and practicing walking than he used to be.  We also bought him a little push-toy for more practice.  Peter and I had been kinda babying him with it – holding on so there was some resistance and a slower speed.  But this past week, I just decided to let go and see what happened.  Kid impressed me.  He did just fine.  Kept up when it started going fast.  Pulled back to slow it down when he needed to.  Rarely fell.  I underestimated the little guy.  So now he’s all over with that thing.  Here’s a video of the first day we tried this:

As for me, I’m enjoying working part-time.  Gives me some time to get things done around the house when E is napping, and of course, gives me lots of extra time with him.  We are looking to do some painting (actually, quite a lot of painting) in the house, as well as getting some new furniture.  I told Peter it was time to pitch his old college couches and get some grown-up furniture.  I’ll post some pics as we do things.  It will be a work-in-progress for quite awhile.

My new big thing is that I’m taking a beginning ballet class.  Once a week.  1.5 hours.  I know.  Most of you are thinking, “what?  why is Sarah taking ballet?”  Well, here’s the truth.  This summer I got hooked on So You Think You Can Dance.  Realized how fit those people are.  And how beautiful dance is.  So I wanted to try.  Looked into some courses.  Thought jazz was probably a better fit for me, but some co-workers were taking ballet.  So I decided to join up.  Our instructor is one of the prima ballerinas from the Colorado Ballet Company.  Fancy.

I’ve only had one class so far.  I’ll let you know how it goes.