we’re sick again

YUCK!  Viral respiratory junk and bacterial eye infections.  Both E and mom. Oh, the joys of bringing germs home from daycare . . .

Hopefully we are well for our trip on Saturday!



Update on eating.  As you can deduce from the title of this post, we have turned a corner.  While E is still not always thrilled to eat, he is starting to realize it may not be as bad as he first thought.  Last week at daycare he ate 1T of rice cereal mixed with a small jar of peaches.  This weekend, he was actually reaching for more sweet potatoes.  Yesterday he finished off 2T of rice cereal mixed with a larger jar of applesauce and blueberries.  And today . . . breakfast (peach oatmeal banana to be exact)!

We still have a few glitches to work out:

He prefers to sit in your lap (although he will eat  in the highchair).

He MUST hold the spoon . . . it’s a control issue, I’ve decided.  So I load it up, point it towards him, he grabs a hold and I steady it so at least some of it goes into his mouth.

This adventure is a mess.  I made the mistake this a.m. of trying this with clothes on – big mistake.  But hey, he ate.  So I have to do a little more laundry – no biggie.

my 1st mother’s day gift

We’ve been really happy with the woman who watches E two days a week.  E really loves her – is always happy to see her and goes to her very easily.  She’s always doing extra little things with the kids (parties, activities) and has even helped us with getting E to eat.  On Monday, she had all of the kids make these for the moms.  So sweet!

learning to like food

Elliott hates eating food. Whether it’s the texture, the taste, the spoon – who knows? Whatever it is, he’s decided it’s not for him.

At a friend’s suggestion, we stripped him down to his diaper, propped him in the highchair and let him have at it with the food. Here’s the video:

Who knows how much (or how little) actually made it into his mouth.

What we didn’t get on film was him sucking the food off of the side of the tray. So i guess he’s at least partially ok with the taste.