a week of firsts.

some good, some bad . . .

First, the GOOD:


1st time meeting Auntie B and Cousin Harper!

1st tooth!

Now the bad:

1st minor illness – bilateral ear infections (including nasty-tasting antibiotics)

1st major illness – pertussis (including having to be pinned down for suctioning, a chest x-ray, nasty-tasting antibiotics)

1st tooth (this makes both categories because, while it’s cool having a tooth, it’s pretty painful getting it)

While the lists are equally long, unfortunately the bad has overshadowed the good;  it’s been a pretty crummy week.  Mom says I’m handling it pretty well though.  I still try to give her smiles frequently to remind her that I’m going to be ok.  This isn’t the last time I’ll be sick . . . just gotta suck it up and get thru it.  I’ll write again when I’m feeling better!

6 months and counting . . .

Hey everybody!  I’m six months old now.  It’s been a wild ride so far.  Mom and dad keep saying they can’t believe I’m already six months old – well, believe it old folks.  I’ve been learning a few things lately:

1.  The view from the “laying down” position gets old after awhile.  So I figured it was time I started using my bum – I’m sitting up by myself these days . . . yeah, I may face plant still every once in a while, but for the most part, I’m holding my own.

2.  It also stinks having to rely on other people to get around . . . have to be carried everywhere.  Everyone else seems to get around on their own, so why not me?  I’m not so bold as to think I’m strong enough to walk yet, but I’m figuring out if I can get myself up on my  hands and knees, I can rock enough to get a little momentum.  It’s not perfected yet, but I’m working on it.  I think they call this “crawling. ”

3. My new favorite discovery – PAPER!  How come no one told me how great that stuff is before now?  At the doc’s office today, there was paper everywhere – papers on what I should eat, how  much medicine I can take, what I should/should not be doing at this stage in the game.  I even got to sit on paper up on those high tables they have in the exam room.  That stuff makes the greatest crinkly sound when you grab hold of it.  I could listen to that sound all day.  I wouldn’t recommend it for chewing (mom’s knuckles are better for that), but otherwise, the stuff is amazing.

4.  Did you know that there are other things to eat besides mom’s milk?  I mean, I’ve seen mom and dad eating other things before, but I had no clue they’d be trying to give it to me.  I’m quite happy with milk, thank you very much.  I keep trying to get that thru their heads . . . when I’m clenching my lips as tight as I can shouldn’t that be a sign that I’m not interested in eating whatever is on that spoon?  Today was some orange goop (I think they called them ‘carrots’).  GROSS.

(ASIDE:  Except for giving me unappetizing things to eat, mom and dad are pretty great.  I know they must love me a lot because they are always willing to make fools of themselves just to make me smile.  Here are a couple shots of us together lately . . . they don’t seem to grow as much as I do . . . guess that slows down when you get old.)


That’s all for discoveries for the present time.  I’ll finish our time with a little update from the doc today.

Length:  27.5 inches / 80th percentile

Weight:  15lbs, 5oz / 10th percentile (thus why mom keeps ‘encouraging’ me to eat other things)

Head Circumference:  43.something / 50th percentile

Long and lean, ladies and gentlemen.  Long and lean.

So far, so good.  Keep the good times rolling.

Music Together – All By Myself

Elliott’s social life has become more active than Sarah’s and my own. We’ve had two 1st birthdays in two weeks, and we’ve had to decline attending two more in just as many weeks. Ellliott’s hanging out with kids twice his age, so they’re into more grown up activities: crawling, walking, eating solid foods, drinking juice. These kids love to party.

Saturday’s birthday party was at Music Together. As the name suggests, Music Together is a fun place and time for families and friends to sing, dance and play simple percussion instruments together. Elliott was thrilled. The time started with a unique version of the name game and moved on to the birthday song when the momentum of the whole thing overwhelmed us all.

As the dad, there is an expectation that I go, that I participate, and that I have a good time. It’s actually pretty easy to get silly and repeat the requested “Na-Na-Na-La-La-Dooo-Dooo-Dooos” when you’re holding the baby.  So I eagerly helped Elliott clap and hit the drums. However, I discovered that if you take away the baby I am suddenly a fish out of water. I learned this of course right when the scarfs came out. That’s when Elliott lost it so Sarah took him into the next room to breastfeed and left me all alone with two scarfs in my hand.

I didn’t want to look like a party pooper and simply leave the room while Elliott ate, but at the same time it felt inappropriate to scarf dance all by myself. So for the following ten minutes, which were very long minutes, I did my best to look like I was having a good time without looking like I was having too much of a good time. This meant I sat in the circle, I clapped and pat on time, and I swayed from side to side on cue – I just wasn’t smile while I was doing it.