welcome to this world, maisie

Elliott has a new cousin as of 9:45 last night.

Maisie Elizabeth

finally joined us after a full extra week in the womb.  That lengthened womb-stay showed – she weighed in at a whopping 10 lbs, 7oz and measured 21.5 inches.  A big, beautiful, healthy baby girl indeed.


5 months old

On Monday, Elliott celebrated his 5th month. He’s such a fun little dude. Making lots more noise . . . he’s found his falsetto and is squealing like a little piggy. He’s rolling both ways now, and moves all over his crib at night. One of the best parts now is how interested he is in things – much more intentional in his reaching and grabbing and is learning a bit of cause and effect (“if I want some music, I gotta push this button”). He continues to be a very happy baby. We even think there’s a little girl in his daycare who has a crush on him. 🙂

Here’s Elliott Joseph in some pics we took today:

1st attempt at solids: FAIL.

So at our last pediatrician appt, our doc mentioned that Elliott may be ready to try something other than breast milk anywhere between 4 to 6 months.  He’s a little past the 5 month mark, so we decided we’d give it a try.  After all, he’s been acting more interested in our foods when we eat.  See the video below.

And yes, we did give our son a taste of vanilla custard from Good Times today.  Mark that on the bad parent record.  Maybe that’s why he spit out the rice cereal . . . Good Times is a tough act to follow.

Oh, and here’s Peter’s response to our food trial:

let me tell you . . .

i love my dad.

he’s away in california right now, and i really miss him.  i mean, it’s nice being here with mom and all, but life’s just a little more fun when dad’s around.

come home soon, dad!

to nap or not to nap . . .

Today I did NOT want to take a nap. Mom and dad kept putting me in my crib for, like, an hour, but I just kept calling to them (a.k.a. crying) to let them know I wasn’t interested in a nap. They kept telling me that my eyes looked tired and I should try to sleep. I kept telling them they were crazy . . . do I look tired to you in these pictures?