February 21


Visit with Dr. Nagel

4 month check-up

Height:  25.75 inches (75th percentile)

Weight:  14lbs, 4oz (40th percentile)

Long and lean . . .

E did much better with his shots this time.  Just cried while the needles were in and then promptly went back to smiles and coos.  Mom and dad were grateful!


It’s February 14th . . . and everybody knows what that is . . .


(oh, and Valentine’s Day)

My mom took a bunch of pics to commemorate my 4th month.  Check ’em out on flickr.

panera sunday

up at 630 with the little man. decided a bagel and coffee from panera would be a nice start to the day. without even changing out of our pajamas, bundled up and headed out. walked outside and found 5 inches of fresh snow. and still snowing. no roads had been plowed yet. decided to go anyway. i really wanted a french toast bagel.  🙂

“freeze” day

It has been a bit cold here in Denver. Tuesday the high was -1. Wind chill was -32. As a result, all of the schools were closed. That meant that our childcare for the day was also closed. So Peter decided to work from home with Elliott while mom went in to work. Later in the morning, I received this in my inbox with the title “Elliott loves telecommuting.”