look what I’m doing!

E finally figured out the mechanics to the roll.  Only tummy to back at this point.  But he’s close to getting the back to tummy version as well.  Here’s a little video of his practice time this a.m.



One of E’s favorite times of the day is bathtime.  No matter what mood he’s in going into the bath, once he strips down and settles into the tub, he’s happy as a clam.  Totally chills him out – to the point that sometimes he just gets that glazed over look that says, “I’m in my happy place.  Please don’t bother me.”

Unfortunately, bath time can’t last forever.  The warmth of the bath is soon overcome by that terrible cold period of getting out of the tub.  At this point, our little clam often loses some of his happiness.  I can’t blame him – I hate getting out of the shower too.  Thankfully, Peter and I are getting much quicker at the “bath-to-pajamas” transition.

Here are a few pics from pre-bath time.  Ain’t he sweet?

“did he scratch himself?”

Over the past month or so, I have heard this phrase increasing frequency from just about everyone who meets Elliott. Maybe some of you have even wondered it when looking at the pictures on Flickr. It’s a fair question. The kid has a bright red mark above his left eye. But, to clarify for anyone who has wondered, the answer is “no.”

That little red mark is a birthmark. A hemangioma, as the doc calls it. A few weeks into life, this little collection of blood vessels popped out and has been growing ever since. He has one on his back too – much bigger and more raised than the one above the eye. Apparently, they may disappear within a year or two, but for now they are unique identifiers that Peter and I have come to love on our little one.

So in case you were asking yourself that question, now you know.

vocal aerobics

Elliott has found his voice!  In the past 2 weeks or so, he has become increasingly vocal.  Lots of imitation, new sounds and turn-taking.  As his speech therapist mother, I am quite proud.  It’s really very fun (and fascinating) to watch him discover new things.  Not only is he “talking,” but he’s become quite intrigued with his tongue and lips.  He’s constantly moving his tongue in and out of his mouth (and with it LOTS of drool).  The rooting that used to signal a need for food has been replaced with this crazy smacking sound he makes with his lips.  Like I said, totally fascinating to watch.

Here’s a little peak at his chatter: