Happy Thanksgiving!

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During . . .

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First smiles caught on tape!

Warning before you watch:  this was filmed while E was in his swing.  You may get a little seasick watching, but it’s so worth it.

We are getting lots more expression these days . . . he was a little smile-maniac while he was swinging yesterday.  Not sure what he was so amused with, but we just sat there and swooned while he made his little faces.

Look who just turned 1!!!

(1 month old, that is)

I must say, keeping track of a baby’s age is a bit confusing.  Do you go by weeks or by months?  Thursday was the ‘4 weeks’ mark.  Sunday was the official ‘1 month’.  Take your pick.

When you are the parent of a newborn, it’s amazing how the littlest change becomes the biggest deal.  You celebrate the first time he tracks you with his eyes, any little smile (even when it isn’t intentional), a diaper change that doesn’t involve him peeing all over his clothes or screaming throughout the process.  During tummy time, the big applause comes when the little guy lifts and turns his head on his own.  That’s hard work for a man of his age.

Recently, Elliott has become more talkative during his awake times.  Here’s a little conversational piece from the birthday boy.

Sorry the ending was a bit anti-climactic.  The point of sharing was more so you could hear his little voice.  He did indeed complete the head turn about 20 seconds later.  For real.  I’m not just saying that so he’ll look good.


Considering we had our first snow yesterday, we thought it was well past time that we wished everyone a


We’ve actually had a lovely, long fall (for Colorado).  Usually the leaves change color and the next week it snows.  This year, we’ve enjoyed mild (and sometimes quite warm) temperatures and lots of fall foliage.  A short clip from our walk the other day.  No exciting action, but it is pretty.