happy halloween!

Peter and I always have a good time carving our pumpkins for Halloween.

Here’s this year’s results:

Elliott, however, was less than enthused by the holiday (as is typical for him these days, he slept thru the whole event).  While he was snoozing, his parents took the opportunity to dress him up in various outfits for the occasion.  Poor kid.  Totally taken advantage of in his sleep.  Like the first one to fall asleep at a slumber party.

We got a kick out of it, though.  Here’s his various halloween costumes:

Lil' Pumpkin

Chipotle Burrito


What’s your favorite?


new friends

Prior to Elliott joining us on October 14, we already knew he had a few potential friends lined up:
–> Master Auden: a buddy from church who is almost exactly a year ahead of him
–> Miss Haiden and Miss Kate: lovely ladies born in December of ’09, either of whom we would be happy to have as the future Mrs. Elliott Foley (Kate’s at a bit of a disadvantage since she lives in Virginia, but then again, we
used to live that far apart too . . .).
–> Mr. Drew: by far the closest to Elliott in age, trumping him by only about 10 weeks. Drew’s mom, Erica (see below), used to work with me, and despite working in separate places now, we’ve remained good friends.

Of these potential friends, Drew was the first to come over for some hang-out time. Unfortunately, Elliott didn’t make the best first impression . . . seems he preferred having a snack and sleeping to actively engaging (i.e. staring at) his new friend. Hopefully Drew will overlook this and still agree to come over again.

Check out the pics below. Can you believe the size difference??? It’s difficult for me to believe that our little guy will get that big that fast!

Cousin time

Henry and Liam enjoyed getting to meet their new cousin on his birthday.  We got some of the interaction on video. 

Here’s Liam’s first (purposeful) encounter: 

Here’s Henry getting to hold Elliott. He was pretty excited (as you can see): 

meet our son!!!

here he is.  arrived 10.14.10 at 8:50 a.m.  weighing in at 7lbs., 6 oz.;  20 in. long.

Elliott Joseph Foley

Just a few pics of our happy little family taken the day/night of his birth.  All are doing well in this adjustment to the new normal.  Peter and I are honored and humbled to be parents to this little rock star. 

ahh, fall . . .

So last year, around this time, Peter and I came home to find our front porch and flower box decorated with mums, pumpkins, gourds and indian corn, compliments of my mom.  Much to our distress, we woke up the next morning (and the next and the next) to find more and more of the pumpkins/gourds/corn eaten away by the lovely little squirrels that infest our neighborhood.  Needless to say, we were not happy.

So this year, my mom brought over her usual display of fall goodies, but did a little research first.  According to random people on the internet, if you coat the edibles in hot sauce, the squirrels will stay away.  It was worth a shot.

So while dad and I planted the mums . . .

Mom covered everything in hot sauce . . .

For the first day or so, you had to hold your breath as you approached the porch or you would start to cough from the fumes.  But now that the smell has diminished, we are quite happy with the results.  Almost a week and no nibbles at our pumpkins.  Take that, greedy little squirrels.

My mom also found it funny that this gourd had a bellybutton very similar to mine . . .


Well, here we are at 38 weeks.  For the past week and a half things have been moving right along.  started out on the 27th at 80% effaced and 2cm dilated.  By the 29th, I had progressed to 3-4cm.  As of Monday, I’m 100% effaced and 4+cm.  Baby is sitting “really low” according to the doc (and according to me – when he moves around there’s a definite shift in where i feel him).  So we’re just holding tight – waiting to see when he’ll decide to show.  I told Peter the other day that we’ll learn something of his personality from this whole thing . . . if he’s like his mom, he’ll be here sooner rather than later.  however, if he’s anything like his daddy, he’ll be taking his good ol’ sweet time.

Of course, we would like nothing better than for him to appear tonight.  And if not tonight, we’re coaxing him for Sunday so he can have the cool birthday of 10.10.10.

This tail end of pregnancy may be the most my patience has ever been tested.  I tend to do pretty well when there is a definitive goal – and actual, permanent date that I can expect something to happen.  Our wedding day, for instance.  Of course you want it to come quickly, but at least you know WHEN it’s coming.  You can have a countdown.  Labor/delivery is not that way.  With this, conversation at the breakfast table each morning goes like this:  <well, we could leave for work today with it being just the 2 of us, and by the time we go to sleep tonight there could be 3!>  In part, I’m glad I’m still working simply because it requires my mind to retreat from the anticipation (at least in part) for the majority of the day.  Then again, every night I go to bed hoping I don’t have to go to work the next day . . .

It’s really quite the interesting stage to live in.

As our friend and doula, Dawn, said to me the other day “Your little boy’s birthday has already been chosen.”

Reminders like this put me at rest . . .

At least for a little while.  🙂