welcome to our nursery

So at 37 weeks along this adventure, we have pretty much finished the nursery.  It was functional by about week 30, but we keep adding little things here and there.  We’re pretty pleased with how it turned out.   We weren’t feeling the typical pastel-y colors and jungle animal patterns.  We wanted bright colors.  We wanted it a little whimsical.

Since initially we didn’t know the gender, i wanted green for the walls.  After much deliberation (see Peter’s previous post), we chose a light, but bright green for the walls and a light, but bright blue for the ceiling and closet.  Peter took on the challenge of crown moulding and viola – the room was beginning it’s transformation.

Peter has, for a long time, thoroughly enjoyed the prints on explodingdog.com.  Some are a little off the wall, but others (like the 2 we chose for the nursery) are endearing.  So those became a focal point for our new little room.  (on the left, entitled: “I’ll take care of you when you get old.”  the right: “This is so great I had to share it with you.“)

The furniture.  We found our crib and dresser on craigslist and are quite happy with both.  The dresser was a weekend project of sanding and painting to get it white.  The crib we only had to assemble.  We found a glider rocker and ottoman at Goodwill last year for $20.  Patti is in the process of recovering the cushions for us.  Add a little nightstand from Target and that completes the package.

A trip to Ikea in California found us our rug and our fabric for the curtains.  When I found the fabric it was $6.99/yard.  By the time Bridget and Patti actually went back to Ikea to get it for me, it was on clearance – $1.99/yd.  SCORE!  These 2 items were graciously shuttled back to Colorado recently by Patti and Terry.

The frame above the crib will eventually hold a family picture.  For now though, we decided to give the little guy a bit of our own artwork . . . a recent evening of construction paper, scissors and glue took care of that.  He also has a bunch of friends waiting for him in his crib . . .

To finish things off, my mom’s best friend, Lynne, made us the loveliest wall hanging (she quite the talented quilter).  Since we already had our wall space filled, we decided to dress up our HUGE closet doors by hanging it there.

So there we have it.  A nursery fit for our little king.


36 weeks

Peter and I took a little afternoon/evening up in Boulder last weekend.  Here’s a 36 week shot from our hike.  Hard to believe we are in the window now . . . we’ll see when little man decides to make his entrance.

Patti, Mary and my mom hosted the most lovely baby shower/afternoon tea for me a couple of weekends ago. Just now finding the time to post some pics from the event. Was a wonderful mixture of old family friends, work buddies, church friends and, of course, family.

Check out the spread that Patti and Mary made!  Scones and spreads, miniature sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries, and of course TEA!  Yum . . .

and the house was delightfully decorated by my mom – her specialty!

Peter stopped by at the end of everything to open a few presents of his own . . . among the gifts from my mom were his own daddy diaper bag and CU apparel for our boy.

Many, many thanks to Patti, Mary and my mom for all that you did.  I was overwhelmed by how wonderful everything was!

camping with the foley fam

we are grateful to live near these dear people.  both peter’s parents and his sister’s family are within a 30 min drive from our house.  this nearness allows us many opportunities to see them.  a couple of weekends ago, that time was spent camping at a nearby reservoir.  Luckily for my preggo body, Peter’s parents have a pop-up and camper that we were able to take to sleep in . . . while I think I could have weathered a couple of nights on the ground, I was glad I didn’t have to.  here are some pics from our time at Chatfield.  more on flickr . . .

34 weeks

Last Wednesday made 34 weeks of this journey.  I’m still feeling pretty darn good, but definitely slowing down a bit – no more bounding up the stairs at work (and if I do, once I’m at the top I can’t breathe), taking naps more frequently on the weekend, and limiting my evening activities (sent Peter to a concert alone on Thursday).  Here’s a shot of the baby from this week:

Left:  Helping paint the crown moulding in the little guy’s room.

Right:  34 weeks exactly.

The Dad Life

A friend of mine told me he didn’t want to get married because he would spend his Saturdays at the Home Depot buying hoses and ladders. I told him he had marriage confused with home ownership.  I’m sure part of that’s the case in this video, but it’s still pretty funny.  -p