150 miles down

Peter, Mary and Mike (plus friends Kathy and Kass) spent their weekend riding 150 miles to and from Fort Collins to benefit the National MS Society.  Here’s the proof:


1st 5 minutes of fame

***Disclaimer:  for the purposes of this post (and probably most others to follow), I will be referring to the baby as a “he”.  We don’t actually know the gender . . . it’s just our inkling that it’s a boy.  No real reason we think that, except that we do.  So instead of having to use the “it” term that I hate so much, Baby Foley will be a “he” for now.  If he turns out to be a “she,” well, hopefully she’ll forgive us one day . . .***

Now back to your regularly scheduled program . . .

I have eagerly awaited Thursday, June 17th.  In fact, I haven’t been that giddy since the day of our wedding. It’s the first time we would get to see our little guy actually looking like a baby (22 weeks along) instead of what looked like a little black blob that we showed you back at 8 weeks.

Well, all I can say is that it was pretty stinkin’ amazing.   For 45 mins we got to lay there and watch him as all of his little body parts wiggled and kicked (active little guy).  We know it’s probably not quite as exciting for all of you as it is for us, but we couldn’t help sharing his first 5 minutes of home video with you.

Here are a few pointers to keep you oriented as you watch:
0:00 Baby’s head is to the right; body to the left. You should be able to see the heart beating.
0:40 Our ultrasound tech (Mary) flipped the view of the baby so he’s face down – you can see the spine and the ribs coming off of the spine at the top.
0:50 View flips back to original orientation. Mary shows us the arms right up by the face. The dark spots you see in the belly are the bladder (biggest one) and the kidneys – black because they are filled with the amniotic fluid he’s been drinking.
1:45 Squirmy little dude.
2:00 View shifts to where you are looking at the baby from the top of the head (still on the right side) down. Legs show up on the left – you can see his little legs are crossed and he was kicking A LOT. It was the coolest thing to feel a kick and see it on the screen at the same time.
2:40 Check out his little hand that appears.  Giving us our first fist bump.
3:05 Mary turned the baby again – now the head is on the left; body on the right.
4:04 He’s either chowing down or trying to tell us something – see the jaw moving?
4:50 Last flip – upside down (spine up top); head to the right. we were trying to get him to give us a profile view (to no avail).

There you have it. Our baby. 1lb, 1oz. Right on track, growth-wise.  He appears to have my feet (second toe is longer than the big one) and Peter’s nose (thin and more pointy).

Proud parents already.

Colorado Nights

I love Colorado nights.  There’s something so refreshing about knowing that no matter how hot it gets during the day, as soon as the sun drops below the horizon, things will cool down considerably and you may even need a jacket.  On one such night recently, we joined my family for an evening out by the fire pit.  Brandon even had enough foresight to get snacks . . .

more pics on flickr . . .

walk for alternatives – UPDATE


As stated in an earlier blog, on june 5, we had planned to participate in a walk to help raise money for Alternatives Pregnancy Center here in Denver.   And we did just that.  With company.

Peter and I, along with Patti (Peter’s mom), headed downtown that lovely June 5 morning to find a park with which we were unfamiliar.  I was pretty sure the walk was scheduled to start at 9:30a.m.  As we neared the park, we saw signs for the Alternatives walk and lots of people already walking (this was approximately 9:05ish – well before the time I thought we were to start).  Thinking we were late, we promptly parked and then jumped into the pack with everyone else who was already walking.  We were impressed  – there were teams from all over the community . . . hospitals, clinics, shops, radio stations, etc . . . and a lot more people than we expected.

As we walked, I kept thinking to myself, “I swear the email said 9:30 start time.  I wonder why they started early.”  And then I happened to catch the back of another walker’s shirt – she had a bib pinned to her shirt that displayed her team name and who she was walking for . . . and then the words “Denver Heart Walk.”

I turned to Patti.  “We’re in the wrong walk.” And indeed we were.  Lots of laughter followed.

It was approximately 9:20.  Just enough time to try to get to where we were really supposed to be.  At our earliest convenience we took a quick detour from our previous walking route and headed back to where we had first joined the parade.  Luckily there were some kind people there who directed us to the park across the street.

All this to say, we arrived in time (we even won a door prize!), completed the walk, and then enjoyed the rest of the morning downtown.  All of the pics are posted on flickr, but here are a few for your viewing pleasure:

(after the walk we visited the local yogurt shop (kuulture) and then walked thru the chalk art festival.)

A BIG THANK YOU for all of you who supported Alternatives (and us) in our walk!!!

carry me back to old virginny

We spent this past weekend in my home state of Virginia.  The main purpose of our trip was to meet Miss Kathryn “Kate” Sophia Ferrara, who was born this past December to our dear friends Pete and Amy.  We also got to spend and afternoon (much too short a time) in Annapolis with some friends from the eastern shore of Maryland (where I lived during my first 3 years of working).  Below are a few pics from the trip.  More to see on flickr.