New Responsibilities

Growing up my grandfather gave me one piece of advice: “Marry up.”

He offered this advice as he sat at the kitchen table admiring my mother, his daughter in law, successfully manage a crowded house of impressive GPA’s and extracurricular activities. This advice was not an encouragement to increase my social standing through marriage, but rather a noted celebration of how my mother’s attributes covered for my father’s “areas for growth” (It was God Himself who said it was not good for man to be alone).

With age I became more aware of my own shortcomings and wholeheartedly embraced my grandfather’s advice. My marriage to Sarah would make grandpa proud.  Sarah is most definitely my better half.

This all goes to say that as Sarah has entered the 15th week of her pregnancy she’s begun to prominently experience a symptom called “pregnancy brain” resulting in frustrating absentmindedness. So now – out of necessity – it appears I will be the organized, responsible one in the relationship. While Sarah is busy doing her part in developing and carrying a new member of the family, I will be assisting her with the following:

1. Reminding her what goes in the fridge vs. what goes in the pantry. After she tried put the cereal into the refrigerator.
2. Setting up email and text message alerts for any scheduled commitments the day of and 15 minutes prior to each event. After she was a complete no show to sub in the volleyball game she volunteered to play.
3. Consistently asking her if there is anything I can help her find. After she spent a whole week looking for the water bottle that was sitting on the kitchen counter.
4. Checking up on her at work at the end of each day. To make sure she doesn’t forgot to bill her patient’s time for half a week again.
5. Making wallet sized contact cards for her to carry which include all important contact information and phone numbers. Including her own.

Last night some friends of ours admitted they found a sick pleasure in seeing Sarah’s sudden flakiness – I imagine it’s the exact same pleasure Lex Luther had when he discovered Kryptonite existed. Fortunately for the universe, symptoms of pregnancy brain disappear a few weeks after the baby is born and Sarah should return to normal.

I’ve got some big shoes to fill being the responsible one in the relationship. In the meantime any advice or shared experience for other ways I can support (and surprise) Sarah during the pregnancy is welcome.



13 [thirteen]

lucky most of the time

unlucky if it falls on a friday

things in a baker’s dozen

official teenager beginnings

the sixth prime number

worn by Dan Marino and Wilt Chamberlain

original colonies

weeks along in this pregnancy

bump 12 weeks



(note:  Sarah – on the left – is the one carrying the baby.  Peter’s belly is just shown for comparison.)

Here’s a picture of the little bit . . .

6 weeks, 2 days

at 6 weeks 2 days

8 weeks, 5 days

and again at 8 weeks 5 days.

sorry no more recent pics of the bebe – next ultrasound will be at 22 weeks, but according to all we read, the little one looks pretty much like a person now.  just really tiny.  about the size of a shrimp.   heartbeat on monday – 150 beats/minute strong.

Hello world!

Welcome to Our Tiny Island.  As of 11.08.08, Peter Foley and Sarah Meadows became a new family.  We are now hoping to chronicle some of the happenings of our family to share with your family.  We hope you visit often.  We will make efforts to post often.  Please feel free to comment anytime.