A friend in the mirror


Gretchen at 2 months

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Our baby girl is 2 months old now.  And growing at a furious rate.  While her birth size was quite average, she has quickly climbed to the high end of the scale.

2 month stats:

Height: 24 inches (97th percentile)

Weight:  13lbs, 4.5 oz (85th percentile)

Head circumference:  BIG  (100th percentile – She was actually off the charts here)

growing up (too fast)

check out Elliott’s newest addition to his room!

Since Gretchen will be needing the crib soon, we began to think about what might be the right time to have Elliott make the transition to a toddler bed.  When we came in his room the other morning to find him with one leg slung over the top rail of his crib (likely trying to make an escape) we figured it was the right time.

So welcome, big boy bed.  Elliott has made a smooth transition . . . sleeping in it through the night!